Competence center for mining & mineral resources

Services Overview

The Competence Centre for Mining and Mineral Resources offers customized consulting services to German companies to help them with their Canadian market entry and market expansion. The services include:

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We are working with a comprehensive database system, called Intelligence Mine, to provide you with

  • An overview of Canadian mining or exploration projects at a specific developmental stage
  • An overview of projects for a specific commodity
  • Detailed information on any Canadian mining project
  • Customized market overviews

Having a good first overview of the market and active Canadian mining and exploration projects is helpful when planning your market entry or market expansion and can help when engaging with potential business partners. For more information, please contact us.


If you wish to establish or expand your business contact network in Canada, the Competence Centre for Mining and Mineral Resources assists you in finding suitable business partners, whether you are looking for….

  • Business Partners,
  • Customers,
  • Sales Representatives,
  • Distributors Or
  • Joint-Venture Partners

We utilize our large direct contact network as well as our membership in professional organizations and existing compendiums to identify potential business partners and closely work with you to establish a list of pre-qualified contacts that we will contact on your behalf to introduce your company and assess their interest in doing business together.

In addition, we offer setting up an entire meeting schedule and travel agenda so you can conveniently meet your potential business partners in person in Canada.

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The Competence Centre for Mining & Mineral Resources arranges your travel and meeting schedule in Canada or Germany. After we work with you to identify your potential business partners and assess their interest in meeting with you, we arrange a complete meeting schedule in Canada and provide support for how to best arrange your travel. We work in close dialogue with you to make your travel to Canada effective and successful.

This service includes

  • Identifying suitable business partners for your meetings
  • Setting up meeting schedules and travel agenda across Canada and Germany
  • Logistical recommendations and support around your travel plans

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The Competence Centre for Mining & Mineral Resources supports you in increasing your visibility in Canadian mining media by:

  • Recommending relevant media for your products and services
  • Support your marketing strategy by identifying suitable trade shows, conventions, events and media and making recommendations
  • Compiling media articles and contact media partners for publishing
  • Establish contact to relevant media partners for advertising opportunities

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The Canadian German Chamber of Industry and Commerce Inc. has developed a comprehensive service concept for German companies planning to enter the Canadian market and establish their own subsidiary, including registering a business, opening a Canadian bank account, legal and tax advise, immigration consulting and more.

If your goal is to establish a Canadian subsidiary or if you have immigration related inquiries, please contact us so we can put you in touch with our Business Canada team for more information.